Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Söhne

Special machines for processing and handling of concrete pavers are manufactured at KBH Lachen-Hetzlinshofen/Allgäu under the brand name “KBH Maschinenbau”. Planning, development and distribution of machines is all done by KBH Hetzlinshofen. The machines are developed and designed by KBH in close cooperation with the customers to fit the concepts to the individual needs and circumstances of the customer.

The combination of paver block manufacturer and machine builder is very unusual and unique in our industry in Europe. The degree of engineering innovation is ultimately the solution in the concrete paving plant. At the same time, the concrete paving plant in relation to its size is equipped with special processing equipment, which allowes “KBH Stein” to make progress on the market. So both divisions benefit from each other. Of course all machines sold by “KBH Maschinenbau”, are running in our own paving plant. That’s why the KBH slogan is "from producer to producer".